Vietnamese Building Codes

Vietnam has building codes, but following the codes and enforcing compliance is a big problem. Anecdotally, the high rise buildings and large compound-like residential developments seem to have better quality construction. More money=better quality control? I’ve heard enough stories about paying-off inspectors and cutting corners that even the high-end projects could potentially be suspect. I suppose you have to start somewhere and building some basic infrastructure is a good start. New buildings are everywhere in Saigon, commuter rails are being constructed, a new airport is being designed, factories are popping up all throughout the country, and the list goes on. Adopting modern design standards and meeting minimum code requirements will take time and determination.

Here are some references on the older codes:
VN Code Volume 1
VN Code Volume 2

Now the Eurocodes are being used. These are similar to the American codes and cover a wide range of topics. These codes can be downloaded for free from the sight below:

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