Construction Support

Dam Rehabilitation

50 year old asphalt faced, rock-filled embankment dam needed major repairs to the upstream face.  The original asphalt was removed and new asphalt was overlayed.  The work was performed on a 34 degree incline and required special equipment to operate on the steep angle.

Design Services

Spillway Modifications

This concrete spillway had numerous deficiencies and could no longer operate as intended.  Site investigations were performed to understand the cause of the problems.  Repairing the 80 year old spillway was not feasible and new concept designs were started.  The final design included new radial gates, highway bridge, and a 1200-foot long concrete spillway chute and stilling basin.


Analysis Services

Finite Element Model

Modifications were being designed for a concrete gravity dam with large embankments.  The project is located in an area with potentially high seismic accelerations.  A three dimensional finite element model was created, using True Grid and LS-DYNA software, to better understand how the proposed modifications would alter the structural behavior of the dam.  Some unique features of the model were: detailed rebar reinforcement, post-tensioned anchors, seismic anchorage systems, linear and nonlinear materials.


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